The Role Of a Media Photographer

31 Jan – Acclaimed and award winning sport photographer Domenic Aquilina will give us an insight into what it takes to be a successful media photographer. Domenic illustrates his presentations with loads of outstanding images which appeared in international media.

Photo Clinic

7 Feb – Part two of the critical clinic where senior members have an informal discussion about photographs presented by other club members. The ideal platform to test your photography and see what others are coming up with. Not to be missed.

Merit Competition No 2

14 Feb – People in Love – Colour Projected Images.

Painting With Light

21 Feb – An interesting hands-on demonstration of how to light up subjects with a small light and how to produce fascinating images using just a small torch light. Bring your camera and tripod with you.

Panel Competition No 1

28 Feb – Architecture – Monochrome Prints.

The Malta Photographic Society is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers that caters for anyone interested in practicing the art of photography. Newcomers to the hobby will benefit especially from the ability to interact with, and learn from, more experienced members in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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