Celebrating Photography in Malta

Celebrating Photography in Malta

“The Malta Photographic Society 50th Anniversary – Celebrating Photography in Malta” is the name of a book that the Society published in 2011. This publication was the Society’s 50th Anniversary celebration that can also be enjoyed by the Maltese general public. Described as ‘a compendium of knowledge and talent’ it provides much needed recognition to local photographic community. A community that has always held its ground when competing with other top photographers worldwide. The book highlights the continued development of photography in Malta with particular emphasis to the 50 years of existence of the Malta Photographic Society.


The 250-page book is divided into three main sections. The first section covers the historical development of photography in Malta, how it evolved through the ages, the subsequent birth of the Malta Photographic Society and its contribution to the Maltese culture. This book will be of great use as a reference tool for those students attending institutions such as University and MCAST and who are carrying out projects on or research related to photography.


A selection of photographs from the Dr. Edward Sammut’s Cultural Heritage Collection is produced in the second part of the book. The intent is to create recognition to and appreciation of the national historical value of this photographic collection.


The third section of the book includes a collection of photographs taken by members of the Malta Photographic Society. Described as a ‘ showcase of local talent and dynamism’ one can appreciate the artistic and creative approach adopted by the respective authors when going through these photographs.


The Malta Photographic Society has always been a forerunner in promoting photography in Malta and this publication serves to continue cementing its position amongst those who love photography and appreciate art in all its forms. A publication that not only provide a good read for those who are interested in history but will also serve as a great reference tool for students and researchers. A book produced by photographers for photographers that takes local photography to another level. A book that highlights what the Malta Photographic Society achieved during these past 50 years.


To take care of this prestigious project, the Executive Committee of the Malta Photographic Society, in 2009 appointed a sub committee under the chairmanship of Leonard Cocks. This sub-committee was composed of 4 members namely, Sylvana Piscopo, Joseph Pirotta, George Swindells and Lionel Cassola. After two years of hard work, the book was launched by Dr Mario DeMarco in September 2011 during an official reception at St James Cavalier.